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Those blower scoops are amazing.

The whole project screams "street freak" in all the right ways. Kudos to you for sticking with the vision and executing it well.

The only word of input I have... Put a fuse or a breaker on your battery box as close to the positive lead as you can. Goodness forbid anything ever wore through the positive cable, it would burn the car to the ground.
Thank you for the kind words. I was told the scoops are from the late 50s. An old hot rodder had them on a Buick Nailhead. I haven't been able to find anything exactly the same online, but Nick Arias components makes something similar nowadays.

Sticking to the vision is difficult, but the car already has "the look" and my goal is to maintain it and add to the cool factor with my own touches.

As for the battery positive, the car has a battery cut-off switch in the tail panel. I will definitely be adding a fusible link inline, though.
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