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Hello everybody!
I finally decided to join a Nova club/site/forum and this is it!!
I bought my first Nova in 1991 at age 15. It was a 1974 Nova SS, 350 4 speed car, dark blue with black buckets, dash tach, 3:42 posi. Started the restoration with the limited funds I had, and it was a great tool to learn a lot about fixing cars. My father and I worked on it when we could, and then my brother bought a 1973 Nova hatchback in 1995. We were restoring both cars when in 2001 the garage burnt and everything was a total loss.
Luckily, we had 3 other garages with cars in them (I drove a 1967 Chevelle throughout high school and university), so all hope was not lost!
Skip forward to today and we multiple cars in different stages.
I have a resto mod 1966 Chevy II SS (original) that I've had for the last 3 years. Beautiful car that has won many awards, and it's getting a new 383 stroker and some new shiny bits before the snow clears! I also have a 1972 Nova (North Carolina car) resto mod that is currently being painted after a 8 year on again-off again restoration.
My brother has a 1969 Nova that is almost done, only needs electrical hooked up and a shakedown/break-in period before he can really get on it!! Sweet car.
My father has a 1968 Nova that is in the same boat, needs a few pieces put back on and a shakedown/break-in. BEAUTIFUL California car that he drove from there to Nova Scotia.
We also have a couple 1967 Chevelles, a 1972 El Camino SS 454, a 1967 Beaumont SD 396, (3) 1955 chev 210 Bel Airs (1)2 door sedan gasser (2) 4 door sedans, and a few other parts cars.
Yes, the bug hit us hard thanks to my fathers old racing and hot rodding days and I wouldn't trade it for anything. The 55 gasser is next after my '72 is complete so I know I'm going to be broke for quite some time. You only live once and you're not going to leave with it when you're gone, so I'm gonna spend it!!!
Cheers everyone
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