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New member from the show-me state

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Hi y'all. I just joined because I want to find a 1st gen to make a home for the 250 6 cylinder sitting in the corner of my garage. It came out of my 68 Camaro to make room for a stout 350.

I've owned more 62-65 IIs over the years than I can remember but I haven't had one now for 20 years or more. I love those little boxes. And now that I'm retired I want to learn to do body work.

I'll have a lot of questions as time goes on once I find a suitable home for my 250. This project will be for my wife who wants a small classic of some kind and it has to have PS and A/C so I'll be investigating those options. Aftermarket probably. I hate to say this but she has almost had me buy a 1st gen Rustang so I'd better find a II pretty quick.
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she has almost had me buy a 1st gen Rustang so I'd better find a II pretty quick.
:eek: That just won't do, find that 1st gen ChevyII and quick.

Welcome to Steves from central Illinois :yes: This is the place to find all the info you need to learn to do the work that your new ChevyII may need. You don't want any other car as their forums just can't compete :devil::devil::devil:

I'm somewhat familiar with this site as I learned a lot from here when I put a 8.5 rear out of a 74 Nova in my Camaro.
i have never done bodywork before and i have learned so many sheetmetal and bodywork tips here. also learned a lil bs from the masters:rolleyes::devil:lmao
TO SNS , :waving:


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Welcome to the site. You'll learn a lot here. I've picked up some tips since I joined. Good luck finding the project!!

TMack63Nova :ragtop:
Hello and welcome to the site. Good luck on your search.
Welcome. Hope you find a nova soon. You have to keep the wife happy if you want to be happy.
Welcome to SNS!

Lucky wife you got there, good luck with the hunt for that perfect deuce! :yes:
Always glad to have a fellow Show Me state member:yes:, even if your from the other side. :D Got love those I6's. If you decide you want to get rid of the old 250, I am looking for one for a current project.
:welcome: to SNS from a Cardinals fan !!!

Aloha, Ric
If you decide you want to get rid of the old 250, I am looking for one for a current project.
I'll keep it in mind but I want to keep it and the trans as long as I still have the Camaro. If I ever sell it the buyer might want the original drive train.
I just got back on this website again and realized I had registered and posted this 4 years ago. I hate to give y'all this update but I never found a II for the wife before she decided on a 68 Rustang. It didn't need body work so I never learned anything in that arena but I did put PS and PB on it and totally reworked the heat and A/C. God I'm glad that is done. Rustangs are a POS to work on. I've done those tasks on Camaros and Novas and GMs are much easier to work on.

But now for the good news. She is thinking of parting with it to buy a mini van to haul the grand kids around in. So with a garage bay then open and with 2 kids I have to have another classic so as to leave each one (I still have my 68 Camaro RS vert), I'm now looking at Novas again.

Where is a good site to read up the history of the 1st gens? Models, power trains offered, numbers produced, etc. Also what ball park figure is a 62 convertible in decent shape with original 6 powerglide? Another question is did they make an SS in 62? I'm thinking not.

Thanks everyone.
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:waving:Welcome from Wisconsin! Or, welcome back. You really don't want a mini van, you want a Chevy II station wagon. If nothing else than for the cool factor.

No SS option in 62 only one year and thats 63, Most Midwest verts have rust issues so be careful no matter were you buy from.

They are nice when done right ..

My Friends,

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Well------- Welcome Back, and a smart guy for coming to the best nova place around-------- glad to have you (back)

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