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New member from Alberta, Canada

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I have been looking at this forum for a couple of weeks now when I found out that I might be able to buy my late uncle's 73 Nova.

Well I bought it and drove it home from Edmonton to my home down by Waterton Park yesterday.

It is a 73 Nova Custom hatchback with a 355ci/375hp, 4 speed, 3.08 limited slip (eaton) rear end. It was rebuilt about 9 years ago by as said my uncle and he put about 1000 miles a year on since.

I have just taken my first pics and will try to figure out how to post.

One thing I have noticed and my aunt and cousin pointed this out is that the transmission seems to lock up if you are not careful when putting it into reverse. If it does lock up you have to reach underneath to push one of the shift rods forward.

Anybody heard of this and have a fix for it. I got it to lock up outside my shop but have to jack one side up to reach underneath which would make it almost impossible to fix if out on the road.

Car really needs very little but I am re-searching replacing the 73 bumpers and grille with 72 ones as I like the look way better. Any thoughts?

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Welcome! Sounds like it may need new shifter bushings, or resetting of the shift rods.
Hey thanks for the quick reply. I think it is a B&M/Hurst shifter so I will try to search on those key words here and maybe on the net in general to see what I can come up with.

Welcome from southern alberta

Hey good to hear of a local to me nova guy I have a 73 nova I put 70 front end and rear bumper on mine looks way better
Did you have to replace the bumper brackets also?

Also did you do the grille? I would like to put in the blacked out SS grille.

I of course will still keep all the original parts but like to play.
Hello and welcome to the site. We'll be looking forward to the pictures of your car. Here is a link on how to post pictures.
TO SNS , :waving:

ENJOY THE SITE! :thumbsup:

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Welcome to Steve's Nova Site!! How has your time here been going?

member intro.

Welcome and Hi , sounds like a nice little ride with a few goodies. skinnydude
Welcome to SNS. This is the place to be when you own a Nova, and need help with it.
Welcome to the site....from another :canada:
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