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New here

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Hi, My ride is a 72 nova.I do not believe it is a true SS. The motor is a 355,pro-topline heads ported and polished, Crower roller valve train, Howard race cam, Eagle H-Beam rods, Eagle steel 4130 crank,Victor Jr intake,SRP pistons, Chuck Gulledge 850 Carb, all fed with a small bottle that has never been used. The car also has a turbo 350 TCI converter and valve body, 10 bolt, 3inch exhaust flowmaster super 44 mufflers and Cal-tracs. I have not even put it on the road yet so I have no Idea how it will act. I hope its fun I hope the pics work and I look forward to hopefully making some new friends.
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I hope to drive it this year I put a lot of money in the motor last year and the car just sat in my garage except one time. Funny quick story, I took my wife for her first ride in the car up to get ice cream after a wonderful summer shower she hates the car ,she says asks why it needs to be so violent? I stood on it one time and got her sideways in the road throwing the icecream all over her:yes:. Needless to say she hates the car and has not got in it since. I am curious to see how quick it is at the track. I am hoping for 12's. I am probably off but we all can dream:D.

Welcome to the site.....
Not a good Idea to scare the wife AND spill her Ice Cream.... she will remmeber that when you ask her for the credit card to order new parts................ :no:

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