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Do you guys think i can build a budget cheap race/street car that does 12/13 secs in the quarter and can be driven in the street for around 5k if the car is around 2k. I have never done this so i am worried i am biting off more then i can afford.
The car i’m looking at has a 350 in it.
i will need a rear end and i will need to gut the cars interior. Just gonna put one seat in it. Not worried about what it looks like. I probably need a trans also. It’s my first build so i don’t want to mess it up.
My 2ton 72 runs high 12's with a 352 destroked 400, AFR HEADS, FAST EZ 2.0 EFI, 4L80 , 3.73 Gears. It has OE AC & PS.
Spent over $25k in last 15 yrs to get it that kwik. Probably abit more expensive to do same in these inflationary times. Paid $1100 for this CenTex OE 350/350 90,000 Mile car in 2001.
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