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neither repair manual I have has clear diagrams when it comes to the wiring to the original coil/distributor. also, the posts i've seen on here dont match up with the wiring i've got (color wise).

the car is a 1973 with a new engine and HEI replacing a straight six with factory dist.

my questions are

1.)I've got a thick gage red wire that splices out to two large Oring connectors. one goes to my alternator(im pretty sure) and the other i dont know. does it go to my starter? if so, which terminal?

2.)Im having trouble finding the wire I need to replace for power to the IGN on the HEI. everywhere I look, a white rough wire is mentioned…I assume though thats earlier model novas… since I dont have that wire.

like I said I've already got two repair manuals and NEITHER are clear on the original power wire on a 1973.
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