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New guy in Central Indiana

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Well, I already posted the beginning of the story in the Car Profiles thread under the name Highschool Sweetheart 66.

I guess I should Introduce myself. My name is Steve and I have a Nova problem!

I certainly hope some of you know how this thing goes back together! It is coming apart rather easily for its age!

I basically have to remove the subframe/engine/trans,and rear end, then it is off to the media blasters to begin the process.

My goal is to have it straight and in paint by 1-1-13 but we will see how that goes.

A hail storm in the area is already cutting in to my free time. (Auto Claims Adjuster)

I look forward to calling all of you friends.
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Welcome Steve. Where in central Indiana are you? I'm on the far east side of Indy. I would buy an assembly manual for it. I've never worked on a 2nd gen but it can't be to hard to figure out. They have everything a 3rd gen has, there just shaped a little different :D
I'm seeing more Indiana activity on here. That's a GOOD thing!!!
I am about 5 miles from the Indy airport in Plainfield.

I think it will go back together easy enough. I will be using an aftermarket front end/ brakes etc anyway, so a lot of it will be re-engineered anyway.

A good mechanic always has a few parts left over anyway, Right?
Welcome to the site. Have fun and enjoy your nova. Lots of good people and great knowledge base to learn from. Nothing you cant do with SNS help. Serious. They helped me get my car rolling in no time.

Glad to have you on board!
62, I am already having fun, where else can I have a lighthearted argument about being a Pruis owner ;)
TO SNS , :waving:

ENJOY THE SITE! :thumbsup:

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welcome to the site ,,lots of info and help here, cheers
Welcome to the site.
Steve, Welcome to Steve's Nova Site!! Is this your site?? LOL!! How is the project coming along, 01/01/13 is fast approaching!! Good Luck!! :yes:

Welcome to the site fellow Hoosier. I'm from NW Indaina. Half way between Chicago and South Bend. Were are you at?
member intro

Welcome and Hi this is the place to ask and get very good information for a lot of different people, an assembly manual would be a good referance. skinnydude
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