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New guy from CT.

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Hello people, I'm Bert. I live in CT. and have always loved novas, had three of them in my twenties. Long story short I just got my hands on a 1968 Chevy II nova. Car needs a ton of work, so please help a guy out!! The guy I got the car from was gonna take the engine out and put a 350 in, he claimed it had a 427 in it now. Not a numbers matching car, but I was able to get it with this engine. Starting to think I may have leaped before I looked! Ive got to remove the seats and clean the car up, has no interior to speak of so I guess down the road an interior kit will be needed, not to mention I have to figure out a lot of the wiring. Car does run, engine sounds good, but I hope that some of you fine men will help me. I could use some pics of engine compartment, and can't seem to find numbers to see if it is a 427, or a 396? I want to take the tranny out and put a Muncie in as well as a 12 bolt. Hope to hear from you guys and before I forget this is gonna be done on a cash as I get it bases kind of project. Thanks
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Hey Bert, Welcome to SNS and congradulations on your new Nova! You will find all the help you need on this sight, I know Ive found plenty myself. Post up some pictures of the car so everyone can see what your working with.
Aloha from Hawaii and welcome to the site.

Sounds like you have your hands full, and the one thing that this site is great at, is helping with visuals - get your pictures up soon and I'm sure someone will chime in with ideas and suggestions...

Have fun !
Welcome, glad you desided to join in with us. Lots of fun and info here if needed. Good luck with your build and enjoy it.
Welcome Bert. Locate those casting numbers on the block and pull the valve covers to get the head numbers. Do a compression and leak down test to see if the motor is in good condition. Post up the casting numbers and we will go from there. RICK
TO SNS BERT , :waving:

ENJOY THE SITE! :thumbsup:

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Oh my aching head!!!

Hey people, thanks for all the welcomes and such. I haven't posted a pic cause I've been really busy. Did alot of researching and was able to get the casting number off the block, #3999293. I Goggled that number and it came back as a 366 big block tall deck truck engine. Don't know what to do about this, talked to the guy I got it from and, if I want he will put a 350 in or a 327 but he said he'd leave that engine in and smoke the tires off! What do you guys think, need opinions from people who don't have anything to gain or lose. I was thinking a 327 would be cool, that way I won't need to change out the 10 bolt for a 12 bolt rear. Sorry to trouble you guys but what would you all do?:confused: Thanks again to anyone who gets back to me. Bert
All depends what you want to have in the car. Where in CT are you ?
Thanks for the fast response Bryan. I live in Naugatuck. I was thinking that the engine really isn't right for the car, I looked up the BB 366 tall deck truck engine and it seems to be a weird engine and not easy to modify. Do you know anything different? Like I stated before I can get either a 350 or a 327 engine. What would be your choice and why? Great car show today in Prospect, I even saw a '68 Nova with the ash tray!! LOL!!! Gotta get that for my car as well.....HELP!!!:D
If those were my 2 choices I would go with the 350. I was at the show in prospect. Got there a little late.
350. It's a little easier to make power with it because of the extra cubes.

The 327 was an awesome engine in its day, with a well-deserved reputation for powering some fast cars. However, it relied on high compression and needed high octane fuel to be at its best. There are a few people who still believe it was the best small block ever produced, but there's not really much reason to use it unless you're trying to preserve something original or just want to be different.

Welcome to SNS, I'm from Ct, Hamden area, I have 2 72 novas and some parts, Let me know if I can help you out, Good Luck with your project.
Hello Bert,

Welcome to Steve's Nova Site, the right place to find your answers! Enjoy the project!!

new member

Welcome and Hi, sounds like you picked up a piece with potential with some good work and any information you need can be gotten from this sight wish you the best in your new project. skinnydude
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