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Just thought I'd drop a quick intro note to everyone. I'm Brian, from Upstate New York, or Bri for short.
I found this forum while searching for a new restoration project to tackle. My 12 year old son and I had a project already started, a 1987 Monte Carlo SS that we were working together on as a bonding project and as a learning experience for him. We had spent over a year painstakingly dismantling the car and restoring it. Unfortunately, someone decided they had to have the car more than we did and broke into the garage it was stored in and took it as well as all the parts we had for it.
We were heartbroken when we found our project gone, but after several months of trying to figure out what way to go, my son asked me last week if we couldn't find another car to tackle and hopefully finish.
We both decided a Monte Carlo was a bad omen so after checking out several books, my son asked about "an old Nova". I used to own a 76 Nova and absolutely loved the car. The more I thought about it the more I started taking a liking to the idea.
So, here we are, starting a search for "an old Nova" in the hopes of bringing one back to it's original glory. I would love to find a 62-65 Nova, but if that doesn't pan out, any year will most likely work.
Being in Upstate New York, there isn't much to choose from around here that doesn't need a ton of work already, and to be honest, some of the cars around here simply aren't worth restoring.
So, as I said, that's why I joined and hopefully I can make many new friends and possibly locate a car that will fit our bill. I don't have a ton of money to spend as I sunk a ton into the Monte we had, but maybe something will turn up.
Anyways, sorry for the long post. Thanks for letting me join and i look forward to getting to know everyone better and becomign a more valuable part of this forum.



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Welcome to the place you will love it here. Here try this
When you go the site go to the search and put the word Nova in. And it will bring up a ton on Nova's. Every thing from originals to full out race car's.
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