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New from Detroit area

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Just registered here and hope to learn some and give some input. just got a 1972 Nova small block car but changing to big block over winter. Not new to the racing world but new here so Hi everyone.
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TO SNS , :waving:


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Welcome from another Michigan member:D
Nice of you to join us:yes: You wil find a lot of good info on this site from a lot of knowledgable people:D
Welcome to the site.....I'm originally from Detroit now residing in Cali...There's tons of good info here and lots of good people.
Welcome. Hope you enjoy all the things this site has to offer.
Welcome to SNS!

Lots of knowledge and expertise here! :yes:

Post some pics when you get a chance!
Hello and welcome to the site. Post up some pictures of your car when you get a chance.
Welcome to the site from a member in Chicago!! Post some pictures!!

new from detroit

Welcome to the sight. loads of info.. skinnydude
Welcome from another Detroit, MI member! I'm just south of Detroit in Allen Park. Do you race at Milan Dragway?

Good luck with the big block swap this winter!
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