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New Exhaust

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So I decided to re-do my whole exhuast system. I'm thinking about buying the Summit "Build Your Own X-Pipe" kit ($75) with a pair of the Summit Super Turbo mufflers since they are so cheap.

Has anyone used this kit or these mufflers?

I think the word "turbo" in the mufflers scares me a bit, that I'm not going to like the tone. Is this still a true muscle car sound muffler? Or is it all about the pipe size?

I was planning on getting 2 1/4in pipe or will that be a noticable difference in size? I'm not really sure what I have on my car now honestly and I'm pretty new to all of this stuff.

PS, this is a daily driver, but I'm not scared to have a loud ride. Also has headers and dual exhaust currently with cheap crappy mufflers.
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i plan on doing the same thing kind looking for a new system as well new pipes, headers and mufflers but haven't decided on what though :no:
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