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new engine compartment wiring

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i started out with an original wiring harness continuity tested all wires using a wiring diagram so i wouldnt miss any and then electrical taped it from one end to the other. well i didnt take any of the terminals out of the connectors and had some issues. i started checking the terminals and many were barely hanging on. so i decided to make my own wiring harness. i did the engine harness first with all black wire with these cool little numbers that slide over the wire and ran each one from the end point back to the bulkhead connector at the firewall. i used a double wire terminal on the wiper motor hot to get power to the electric choke.
harness waiting to be installed

harness installed

harness in wire loom

then i wanted to use relays for the headlights, and made the other harness. i did a few mods including a bus bar for power and ground

old yucky wiring

new wiring lookin like multi colored spagetti i undid individul wires to get them untwisted and running the way i wanted them to go

all tucked away in the loom

now all thats left is the wiring for the running lights and headlights in front of the core support

i was scared at first but when the car started with the new engine harness i knew there would be alot of new wiring in the car
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That looks really cool! Very impressive! I can tell some planning and foresight went into this. Are you going to loom up the whole thing and tape it up nice?

Only thing I would mention is see if you can find a way to cover up some of those exposed leads on the bottom of your relays and on that power block. You would greatly increase the longevity of those connections if you sealed them from the elements. Maybe even throw some electrical grease in there to inhibit corrosion. Just a thought, thinking about modern car harnesses and how all the connectors are weather proof in engine bays:yes:

Looks awesome man! Wiring is really easy once you get a feel for it! Im thinking of doing the same, a whole new harness complete throughout my whole car.

By the way can you tell me a bit about that carb set up you got? I like it!!! Looks better than the stock junk Im running right now!:rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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