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new engine, car still slow

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hi, i just recently replaced the old stock 307 with a 327 that i have built up. the engine should be good for 9:1 compression and hopefully 300 horse. now the problem is that i still have the stock converter and rear gears which i know is a problem but like alot of people money is tight..especially since im still in high school. now i will be able to scounge up enough money soon for a converter and gears but am having trouble on knowing which one I should get. any help would be much appreciated.
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that cam does NOT need a stall converter .. you most likely need some gear .
ya but my stock stall converter is rated at 14oo and my cam is ranged at 2000-5000. im thinking maybe a 2400 or 2600 with 373 gears. sound good? and any tips on a good converter.
your thinking is in the right direction , but from experiance a 2500 converter will do nothing for you . I feel that a 327 will start to benefit from a minimum of 3000 stall . The engine doesnt make a lotof low end torque and most converters are rated for more torque than you are making ,so step up if you want a converter to work .

Again you really just need gears .
i have 273 gears right now. but i got lucky in that i have a 8.5" rear end. that bad part is i still have the mono leafs so i imagine i will see some bad wheel hop if i try to launch hard with a higher stall and lower gears
GEEZ , 2.73 gears !! a topfueler would have a hard time smokin the tires ! But seriously GET some gears , and dont worry about wheelhop UNTIL it happens ! and i personally have gone 11s with single leaf and junk slapper bars . And i know a guy that has gone 9s with single leaf .
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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