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Buy, Sell, Trade and Swap Forum Rules

The first and most important thing to know is that while Steve’s Nova Site provides this Classified Ad forum as a service to people for free, we are in no way responsible for any trade or purchase that you might make here.

Please note that these rules are the way you are expected to conduct yourself in our Classified Ads, Trade and Swap forum. These rules are designed to provide buyers and sellers with the information they need to continue trading honestly and openly. If you post in this forum without obeying these rules your post most likely will be deleted without notice. Repeat offenders may find themselves suspended or worse.

The Rules:

Access to Post Ads:
As of July 2009, user access to post ads in the Classified Ads area has been changed. In order to post ads in the FREE Classified Ads area, you must meet the following criteria:

Have a minimum post count of 25, or have previously donated in support of the Site before July 2009. Access is not instant once you reach 25 posts either, give it an hour and access should be granted.

Bumping Your Post Count:
Bumping your post count by making numerous short replies to threads is discouraged. If this is how you plan to reach 25 posts, stop now. If it is identified that this is your intent, your posts will be removed.

Allowed Items:
The Classified Ad forums are intended only for Chevy II, Nova, and Acadian cars and parts, and only those related to these cars. Any other items may not be advertised in the for sale or wanted areas. There is also a trade and swap area, to advertise in this area, there "must" be a Chevy II, Nova or Acadian car or part listed on one side of the trade or swap, i.e. “I have an electric guitar to trade for a front bench seat for a 66 Chevy II”, or "I have a 69 Chevy Nova SS to trade for a 69 Ford Mustang". If in doubt whether an item is suitable, check with one of the forum moderators for the classified ads area.

Posts should include:

Make sure that you add a reasonable description in the subject area. This will make sure that people who are genuinely interested will look at your topic.

Item Condition:

This part is important, especially when selling or trading items. Make sure you are very clear in describing the condition of our item, whether they are painted, unpainted, stripped, undercoated, dented or damaged, missing parts, or in perfect condition. People like to know what they are paying for. Remember that potential buyers are going to ask you these questions and more, so include as much information as you can in your initial post.

  • Price - If you are selling items then you MUST include a price in your initial post. Auctions are not allowed; therefore we also don't allow users to post their ebay auction items here either.
  • Postage Costs - Include information about postage in your initial post. You obviously can't always quote a dollar value but you should at least let the buyers know whether you are footing the bill for it, or if postage is included/extra.
  • Payment Options - You should include the accepted forms of payment in your initial post. If you only accept Money Orders, say so. If you accept Direct Deposit and Paypal, say so. Again, this is for buyer awareness and to save you some bother down the track.
  • Holding Items - If you post in a seller's thread to say you are interested in something, don't expect them to hold it for ever. The more time the seller has their item sitting 'in limbo' waiting for you to get back to them, the less chance they have of selling it to another buyer. A day or so is a reasonable time to hold something, so if you come back after a week offline because you've been on holidays, don't expect that stuff to still be on hold for you. The seller is under no obligation to hold any items for prolonged periods for anyone, regardless of what order they posted their interest in. Nor should they be expected to hold on to items for more than a day or so in any case.
  • Handy Tip: A picture is worth a thousand words ;)

Parting out your Car:
If you are advertising a car to part out and sell individual parts from the car, this can be done without a price or listing each item. However, doing so will assist a potential buyer if the information listed above is in your ad.

Selling multiple parts in the same category:
If you are selling multiple parts in the same category, or for a specific year range of car, please post them all in the same thread.
By doing so you will be showing a lot of consideration for the needs of your fellow members by allowing more than just your ads to be on the front page of the classifieds.

Selling the same part in multiple categories:
If you are selling a part that will fit a multiple year range of car, you will "either post" your ad in the "misc ad" area, or select the best area (one area) for the ad to be posted in. The same ad will not be posted in multiple categories.

Freebie Area
Any registered use may post in this area.

Unacceptable Behaviour:
Users are not allowed to post negative comments about listed items, the condition of the items or the price the seller is asking.

Advertising Cowl Tags, VIN Tags or Vehicle Titles:
Although it may be legal in your area to buy and/or sell VIN plates and/or trim tags, this practice will not be permitted in the classified ads or anywhere else on this site. We know that these are often bought and sold, and this may be fine on eBay, Craigslist or other websites. Our goal is the legitimate preservation of the one vehicle we are all here to support. We can only assume the buyers intent is to deceive when selling or purchasing these items, so we will not permit the advertising or sale of them on this site.

Wanted Ads:
These are slightly different to For Sale threads. A person obviously can't dictate a price when asking if anyone wants to sell them something.

Sale Theft:
Stealing someone's sale is bad form. Don't try to sell an item in someone else's Sale thread. You wouldn't like it if someone did it to you, so don't do it. The reverse is also applicable - don't steal what someone else is trying to buy.

Auction/Off-Site Advertising:
Advertising off-site auctions/ads (eBay, off-site links, etc) are not allowed.

Please note that companies and businesses cannot advertise or post items in these classified ads, unless they are a sponsored partner or part of the staff of Steve’s Nova Site.

If, for whatever reason, you feel that a trade/sale is going wrong, try to keep it private. Use the PM (private message) and/or email to try and get a hold of the person to sort things out. If you can't get hold of the person and have to resort to a post in the forums, keep it simple. Something like 'XXXX - please contact me'. Under no circumstances should you post anything accusatory like 'XXXX - WHERE IS MY STUFF YOU @#$%!'. If you have absolutely no luck in getting hold of the person then contact the Admin. He will advise you on how to proceed from there.

Update Regularly:
If you have a lot of stuff up for grabs, it often helps to let people know what is still available and what is not. Either make a quick post (e.g. “The 12 bolt posi is now gone”) or go back into your original list and edit it. If you have locate, sold, traded or swapped the items in your ad, please delete your ad. You do have the access to do this.

Purging of Ads:
All ads will be purged after 45 days.

Don’t bother posting here, because your thread will be immediate deleted and your user account will be banned without notice.

Breaking the Rules:
Should anyone break any of these rules then the staff at Steve’s Nova Site may act at their own discretion to remedy the situation. Claims of not having read the site rules or guidelines are no excuse. There has been a growing number of issues in recent times and we are cracking down and issuing more penalties where appropriate. This may or may not include the following actions depending on the severity and number of offences:
  • Deleting the thread without notice.
  • Suspension of accounts.
  • Banning of users.

The Team at Steve's Nova Site
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