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I am in the process of wiring up the msd box and the battery trunk kit. I hate wiring and schematics gives me a headache,lol.
Please understand i have no directions with this stuff and all the original wiring i am using has been in a box for years and i am just trying to figure it all out.
Here is what i have done so far,

I mounted my batterry in the trunk with a furd solenoid. I ran a 4 guage wire from the battery to the solenoid and than a 4 guage wire up to the starter. I took a 4 guage black ground wire and went through the trunk and mounted it to the frame.
I than took a short 10 guage wire and connected it from the small post on the starter and hooked it to the big post of the starter.
I have now ran a 10 guage red wire and a 10 guage black ground wire up from the battery to hook up to the hot and ground of the msd 6al ignition box.
I than drilled a hole through the firewall and installed the 2 coil wires to the blaster 2 coil.

This leaves for the msd a smaller red wire that i think hooks up to the original positive coil wire and than a white wire from the msd that hooks up to the original negative coil wire.

I also have to wire up a original engine harness from a donor car and figure out where all my ignition is going to wire into all of this?
The colors of the harness is ,
yellow- wiper motor
yellow/black- wiper motor
blue- i think oil light
green- i think temp light
white with black and a small red wire that feeds with it that looks- like a coil wire
Purple- Starter

I also have installed a internal regulated alternator and need to figure out how to wire the 2 wires that come out of it's pig tail and where i should wire the back positive wire to.

I hope i don't have this to confusing,but i know i am with it all and hope you all can help,lol.


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Which MSD box are you using and what kind of distributor?

I believe this is what you want to do with the remaining MSD wires:

Small Red - Switched 12V source (ignition switch)
Orange - Coil Positive
Black - Coil Negative
White - Used on points style distributor
Purple and Green - Pickup Coil inside HEI distributor (replaces the distributor's ignition module)

You will never use the white wire at the same time as the Purple and Green wires.

Is this what you wanted to know? Hope I helped.
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