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I would like to buy a first gen Nova as our company showpiece and prototype car to help make our 62-67 Nova TKO 5-speed transmission kits more complete.
I am looking at a base model, 2 door, 1964 Nova.
The body looks to be very straight and it has recent paint that is quite nice so I do not need to worry about body and paint.
The interior is done as well and is in nice shape so I won't need to spend any $ there.
It has a nice set of rims and new tires so that part is all done.
It is a 2 door, 6 cyl., automatic on the column, bench seat car, base model car.
Overall, from an an asthectic and mechanical perspective I would rate this car as an 8 on a scale of 1-10.
Of course I will be putting a 350 in it along with a Tremec TKO transmission.Installing a V8 with a 5-speed + a few incidentals will make this a nice little hot rod.

My question is: What is the approximate value of a '64 Nova 2 door, bench seat car without motor and transmission? (I am viewing th ecra as being without motor and transmision because in my case these items do not have any value.)
Any input would be appreciated.

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Look at ebay and see what some of the cars on thre are going for. Is it a post or hardtop?
Without seeing it, and from what you have described, I'd say between $3000-5000.
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