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Hello All,

I need some advice on Raidah's car.67 nova. His set up is stock subframe QA1 coilovers, 1" sway bar, 11" gm disc brakes with a drop spindle set up, all front suspension re built with poly graphte bushings. steering is a Idiot column to a manual quick ratio steering box.

this set up as is drives well. I think it will be little hard to drive and park with bigger tires on there. he has pizza cutter on there right now.

Option 1, I was thinking cpp/cbr. I like power steering. but after pricing this until together it doesnt make sence to buy it to me because for a little more money I could go to a aftermarket frame. On the good side is that I get to use all of Raidah's parts on the car now and I wont have to pull the subframe.

Option 2, start from scratch sell all of Raidah's parts. maybe I could get 700? but will his stuff even sell in todays market? then buy a after market subframe like: TCI or Heidts. I like power steering. but then I'll have to pull his whole car apart. kinda lazy these days. is it really worth the extra effort?

I will keep his car for a very long time. not a daily driver. almost never to the track, auto cross, road race, etc... just wanta build it right. do it once. be happy for a longtime.

Advice please... some knowledge would be nice. oh and I have read and used the search button to death. I need personal experience.

thanks for you knowledge.

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