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Need info on '66 Chevy II SS

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I am doing a story on the 66 Chevy II SS and I was wondering if someone could help explain the difference between a Chevy II Nova SS and a Chevy II SS. Are they the same? Did the Nova models say Nova on the body somewhere? Also, could you get a regular Chevy II with the 327? How many Chevy II SS models were made in '66? And how many had the 327? I keep finding conflicting info from different sites and books. Thanks to anyone who can help me out.

--James Hutcheson
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. A little brain freeze took hold at GM when badging the Chevy II SS in 1966. They forgot to put the name 'Nova' on the car, even though all 1966 Chevy II promotional material refers to the SS as a Nova.
Weird. I never thought of it, but you are right. Seems like this is the ONLY 63-67 Nova SS that did not say 'Nova' anywhere.
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