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Need help on a frt disc brake swap..

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Hi all>I got a little question i can"t seem to find an answer for. I have a 68 Chevy II with manual frt drums and manual steering, and an automatic.. i was given a doner car 1972 camaro with power steering, power disc frt brakes, and manual pedals and z bar.. could i just swap these part over to my 68??? does any one know???
thanks for your input on this..

ps. great site!!!! lots of info>>>:yes:
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Power steering pump and box should work, don't think the spindles and pedal setup will.
I am going to go out on a limb and say yes I think the brakes will work. A lot of parts from other Gm cars will interchange. I cant remember if the camaro is front steer or behind the cross member. But if it in front all you have to do is switch the spindles from left to right and bolt the steering arm back on. Best advise take one side of the camaro apart and the nova and see.

Good luck

Post some pics of your ride!!!
Not sure of the Camaro stuff--I did the swap with everything from a 72 Chevelle--spindles and all.
Not sure of the Camaro stuff--I did the swap with everything from a 72 Chevelle--spindles and all.

2nd gen camaros are front steer and the novas are rear steer.
gettin hands dirty

I guess the best thing i could do is just tare in to the camaro, and get all the parts , and slowly transfer them, till they wont fit... i would trake a part my II but i got a car show at the end of the month, so i dont want to get too far in to it,, and miss it.. it will be my first show...:yes:
if all esle fails, i will have some camaro parts for sale!!!!! lol
thanks for the info....
if you find any more info or thoughts send them my way

oh ya here"s a pic of my newest II!186

i hope that works????
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First gen Camaro parts will interchange. Second gen won't. New spindles are only about a 110 bucks a pair.
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