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I have a fan and fan clutch that I thought was supposed to fit a smallblock chevy water pump. I tried it on my Stewart water pump and the center shaft fits but the bolt circle was wrong. I did some measuring and came up with this:

Center shaft hole inside diameter: 5/8"

Bolt hole circle measured diagonally: 1 15/16"

Approx. fan center hole inside diameter: 2.447"

Clutch says "Delco" and has numbers 22088863 and 123888 stamped in the clutch to pump mounting surface. I couldn't find any reference to these numbers via google search. :confused:

If I'm measuring right, the fan is 19" in diameter

Anyone have any idea what it fits? I'm trying to sell it but am not sure what to market it as. Maybe it fits a big block water pump? Thanks for any help.

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