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Well I haven't really seen any all around hot rod clubs in the south Charlotte area of NC. Most are around Raleigh or near the beach and the ones around here are strictly Corvette, Chevy, Chrysler or Ford. I was in a classic ford truck site but it got old because as soon as I said the word Chevy or Chrysler the guys were all over me so I stopped attending anything with them or going on their message boards. I'm mostly into anything old such as motorcylces, 1900-1960's hot rods whether they are Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Studebaker, Nash, etc. I like mostly the traditional style hot rods but street rods, muscle cars and trailor queens are fine too. I appreciate all sorts of old tin. I've looked around for a club but not one that you have dues and need to attend all the meetings and devote your life to since I have enough volunteer work at the FD, training, work and my own work. I'm only 21 years old (and only look probably 16) so when I go to shows and talk to guys they kind of blow me off as if I dont have any old cars or know enough to be in their club (if that's what you want to call it).
I own a good list of old cars and motorcycles and would like to find people locally on the NC and SC boarder that can do some cruises, meets or BBQ's and help eachother out whether it's working on their vehicles (no matter age, make or anything), and just to hang out with and trade parts.
If anyone knows of such a thing here please let me . I know a few people locally into hot rods and would be willing to join as well. Pretty much I'm wanting to start or look for a club with no fee's, life commitments and not something that one person owns and has control over the entire thing and it's members. If not maybe we can start something like it which is most likely what I will do.
Let me know what you think!
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