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nasty vibration

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i changed my 67 from a glide to a 4 speed Muncie. ever since i did that i have a viberation from around 50 mph on up.
i had the flywheel and pressure plate balanced using the same drive shaft that i had with the glide which did not shake at all, not even up past the speed limit (not that i woud ever break the law) :)
anyway i took the trans to a shop that rebuilds them and it cost me over a grand and it still vibrates
any thoughts
thanks bobby
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wonder if ,,

thanks guys
pinion angle was the same as with the glide, drive shaft has enough room that i can push it into the tail shaft by more than 2 inches.
i can HAMMER this thing in first and second gear and not till i get up to around 50 mph do i notice the vib. i can coast going down hill put the trans in nutral so the engine is at idle and the vib is still there.

like i said with the automatic i could go up to 90 and it was smooth.
put the 4 speed in and viberation.
same tires, drive shaft, rear, and yes i put a piolt bering in the rear of the crank
bobby green
wonder if you might have a pinion bearing going bad , or has some slack in it ?? A vibration will sound like the speed its rotating. With it vibrating while coasting sounds like something in the rearend maybe.
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