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Hello people. I own a 77 nova concours. I've had it for about 4 years now. I had know idea about SBC engines. Needless to say I didn't know what I had. All I knew is that I had a blue engine with an edelbrock Carb. I paid 800 bucks for the car. When I bought it, the guy that I bought it from took me around for a test drive and boy she had some Kick. That won me over. The first thing I did was added four new tires. 2nd was changed the valve cover gaskets. 3rd was replaced the driver window which I shattered because I had know idea what a sagging door was. I thought my door was not shut so I slammed it.
I called my friend who is a Monte Carlo freak and told him about my new donk. He immediately wanted to see it. So we met at a gas station. He was in his 2000 grand Marquis. He wanted to see what all the fuss was about. So we hit the highway playing keep up. He couldn't shake me. Finally we exit the slab(freeway) and it cut off. I called my friend who was my shade tree at the time. He came and jumped me off. I heard a tick when the engine started. I'm thinking wth! a few days go by and it gets louder and louder. I had several mechanics look at it and got the same bad news, "that's the crank, you're screwed".
Now for some reason people were really interested in the car after that. I'm like the engine is gone, why are y'all so interested in it? That was in 08. It set up until about 2010. I decided to drop another engine in. I scrapped the whole engine. People saw it was gone and started asking questions. Where's the Nova? I'm getting another engine. Where's the other one? I scrapped it. You did what!?!? Man do you know what kind of engine that was? A 305. Come to find out it was a 305 with vortec heads and intake, serpentine pulley kit and no telling what kind of block work.

Oh now you tell me! Why don't people like to tell you what you have? I guess they thought they could eventually buy it from me for cheap or something.
Now I have a 305 that I that I got out of a wrecked Chevy truck + my 350 turbo. Runs and sounds great. I am now I the process of ironing out a few kinks to get it back on the road as a dependable daily street rod.

What's been done so far:
1. replaced the old quad with my 1406 eddy.
2. wasn't getting gas so I blocked of the manny fuel pump and added an electric fuel pump.
3. added a clear fuel filter and noticed red mud and water in my fuel system ( rocks and all). Tank has been dropped and cleaned.
4. New distributor, plugs and wires.
5. New valve cover gaskets. There was a lot of black flaky crud on the driver side in the head (what is that?)
6. oil change
7. new power steering (high pressure) hose
8. new throttle cable (old one snapped)
9. new speedo o ring (thought it was leaking)
10. new detent (was leaking). Also the cable was seized from the heat melting it together. Which led me to (11) drop the trans pan where I discovered the detent was stuck on WOT. It was not allowing the trans to function properly. I had to dissemble the lever that pushes in the button that activates the downshift and removed the pin temporarily until my new pan with a drain plug arrives. I went ahead and replaced the filter and gasket while I was down there.
12. new thermostat (fail safe)
1. electric fan from Chrysler Concord
2. astro van steering wheel
3. electric fuel pump
4. 80 something sunfire seats
5. modern 7 inch headlights
Major Issues:
1. TRANS STILL LEAKS. One of the bolts is stripped I'm hoping this is the issue. I hope a can tap it and fix the issue. Or maybe the bolts that come with the new pan will work.
2. snapped a belt the last time I let her run. Really want a one belt setup with power steering.

NOTE:I will post pics as soon as I get better. I just had shoulder surgery. Please don't put a bunch of " this thread is useless without pics" comments on here. Thanks.

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i like everything i read so far. cant wait for the pics. rest that shoulder. that sucks you blew your engine. but what u gonna do s**t happens...
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