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My Ride is HOT!! and not in a good way!

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Alright fellas can somebody please help me out. My 65' is burning up!! I recently dropped a rebuilt 350 in her and am still running the stock radiator. Mind you the radiator is about a year 1/2 old so its in great condition. But I cant take the nova out for 30 mins w/out it overheating! i stop at a light or get stuck behind a few slowpokes and the needle starts climbing from 180-190 to 190- 215/220 reeeeally fast!! so what im asking is after i get this radiator flushed and properly cleaned and the block flushed out would that radiator keep the car cool, especially at cruising speeds or during city driving??:confused: A hot cars no fun when it becomes literal!:(
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FWIW I used the stock 6 cyl radiator in my 64 but had a core added so it was a 3 core instead of a 2 core. Now this radiator was wider than the 6 cyl radiator in my 63 wagon. I also used a GM truck 7 blade fan along with the HD fan clutch close to the radiator and I had the A/C spacer between the radiator and the rad support. No shroud. Seemed to work fine. Cooled off all my engines including my 13 to 1 406. Never saw anything over 180 driving around. I'd run a 180 t stat in the winter time and a 160 in the summer.

Don't know if this is true just what I heard but the alum radiators don't cool any better than standard copper/brass ones. They're lighter for sure but I don't know.
I put an aluminum radiator in my nova and my temps dropped by 50 degrees. It used to run 210 with the new 3 core brass and I replaced the radiator with a 2 core aluminum and can barely get it over 160 with a 160 degree thermostat. I have a taurus fan and barely need to use it. I have a 414" sbc.
I knew this thread was somewhere I have been looking for it.
Everything you need to know about cooling your car. I don't know how this isn't in the best of tech.
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