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My Ride is HOT!! and not in a good way!

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Alright fellas can somebody please help me out. My 65' is burning up!! I recently dropped a rebuilt 350 in her and am still running the stock radiator. Mind you the radiator is about a year 1/2 old so its in great condition. But I cant take the nova out for 30 mins w/out it overheating! i stop at a light or get stuck behind a few slowpokes and the needle starts climbing from 180-190 to 190- 215/220 reeeeally fast!! so what im asking is after i get this radiator flushed and properly cleaned and the block flushed out would that radiator keep the car cool, especially at cruising speeds or during city driving??:confused: A hot cars no fun when it becomes literal!:(
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Aluminum dosen't conduct heat as well as copper, but aluminum radiators do cool better because the aluminum is stronger than copper. By being stronger, the tubes can be wider and you have more tube to fin contact to draw the heat out. Plus you can get the better tube to fin contact without the radiator being excessively thick, making airflow thru the radiator better.
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