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My Ride is HOT!! and not in a good way!

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Alright fellas can somebody please help me out. My 65' is burning up!! I recently dropped a rebuilt 350 in her and am still running the stock radiator. Mind you the radiator is about a year 1/2 old so its in great condition. But I cant take the nova out for 30 mins w/out it overheating! i stop at a light or get stuck behind a few slowpokes and the needle starts climbing from 180-190 to 190- 215/220 reeeeally fast!! so what im asking is after i get this radiator flushed and properly cleaned and the block flushed out would that radiator keep the car cool, especially at cruising speeds or during city driving??:confused: A hot cars no fun when it becomes literal!:(
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Also can someone suggest a proper degree thermostat? Mind you this radiator is only temp. while i put away for a killer aluminum setup :cool:but i dont see why if properly cleaned, and cap and hoses are changed this thing wouldnt keep me cool. and yes i do have an electric fan but i admit its not doing too great of a job:( Someone please solve my problem before the summer cruising comenses!
Thanks for the input guys! yea i just cleaned her out this morning and she had some minor clogging so we'll see how she runs now. Im sure it wont be perfect but at least it'll run a little cooler and cleaner. Im almost ready to go with that Be Cool dual fan assembly (cools up to 1000hp!!:eek:) just waiting on a bit more funds in the car projects jar! haha Lets just hope its soon!:yes:
Man you guys are awesome! Thanks to everyone for your help! got her all cleaned up and shes running a little cooler but still heats up rather quick so im just gonna ration my cruises for awhile til i install my new be cool system and we're ready to go! Again, you guys rock! One big nova family!:D:yes:
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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