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I'm converting my 69 6 Cyl car to a L-88 427 big Block, I bout the car with a small block Crate motor.... hope you like... Car will have a L-88 427 60 Over with 11.0 Closed Chambered Pistons, 67 Closed chambered 427 Heads 225 Intake & 192 exhaust. Roller rockers, stud girdles, L-88 Gm Flat tappet cam, Gm steel crank, Gm Steel Rods, torker 2r intake, MSD Ign,
turbo 400 with Alison Clutches & TCI front Pump & reverse manual Valve body

12 Bolt rear with 456's now, I will switch to 373's in the near future,
rear has a Strange posi, Richmont gears & Strange Axles with rear disc Brakes....
here is a pic of the motor I just completed & also a link to my site to see all pics if interested... I'm a Newbie here so please have patience with me as I Learn to use this forum.......

here is the Link Nova big Block Project/
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