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My 68 Nova SS

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Question, i have a 1968 Nova SS with a 396 in it and the power steering pump has a squeel in the power steering pump pully. Can you just replace the pully or do you have to replace the whole unit. What the pump is doing is when you turn the steering wheel left or right at stop the pully actually pauses then starts. when it pauses is when the squeel occurs. Appeciate the reply.
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If the belt isn't loose, the belt could be worn and riding too low in the grove, or the pulley is worn letting the belt bottom out in the grove, or both.
Thanks fellolw Nova owners for the info. I checked the belt it is new and it is not loose. The pully has a little play in it. I am going to replace the pully and see if that solves my squeeling problem.
A bar of soap rubbed against the belt will quiet the belt, if it is a belt squeal, which is most common, but if it does work, the belt is in need of replacement.
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