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My 65 Wagon

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Looks like I am finally a member of the long roof association! Picked this up today on a sweetheart of a deal and I just cant help it ,I need to show it off!
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I have been driving by this car for 5 years now, I have stopped a few times and the guy never wanted to sell it. He finally put it up for sale about 5 months ago and wanted a *** load of money for it. Well low & behold the OPD tagged it with a dead storage/inoperable and it was going to get towed & impounded. I hesitated to call and said what the hell..... Well I need this like a hole in the head He shot me a stupid price and I nabbed it up. This was just 4 blocks from my house. I told my 6 year old that it was his.... Geez he already wants to paint it! Like father like son! It has a 350 with a M21 Muncie in it with a blowproof bellhousing and a Hurst Comp plus shifter.. I am gonna sell that to offset the purchase price.
"long roof association":no::no:

Welcome to the
What does it take to switch this over to the 62-64 headlight bezel? Now after looking st sll of these wagons I kinda like those a little better.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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