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My 63 wagon

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I bought a 63 wagon and am wanting to swap from 4 lug to 5 lug. Thanks to this website and the help of one of the forum members I managed to get a 8.2 10 bolt. I have yet to install it but from the measurements I took it looks like it should fit fine. My question is what is the best method for cleaning and painting it? Should I replace all bearings? All new hardware? I was thinking of swapping the mono leaf springs out for multi but seems like too much work and I don't know what real benefit I would gain from it. I just want a nice cruiser not a racer. Any suggestions would be great. Also I would like to post pics of my wagon here but don't know how to go about it.

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First off, welcome to the sight. The best way to post pictures is to open a free photobucket account and copy and paste the image code into the post.
Put each image code on a separate line so they fit right. As far as the wagon goes, it wont be a big deal to switch to multi leafsprings because you are switching out the rear anyway. Multi leafs and a nice set of shocks will give you a better handleing car for street cruising. I dont know what kind of shape this rear is in so have someone take a look at to see what it needs. When I took mine out for rebuild I sprayed engine degreaser all over it and wire brushed and rinsed all the gunk and loose paint off. I did it a couple times so the paint would stick. Then I covered it with 2 coats of POR-15 paint with a cheap brush and when it dried it looked pretty good. Try to get some pictures posted so the guys know what you have going on. Good luck
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Heyas Shannon here.. had i kept that and not gone with the 9" i'd replace all the bearings and replace the brakes springs and pads (still gotta look for that kit by the way, sry).. The cost for bearings and all will be very cheap..

I'd wire wheel it to get some of the larger stuff off then blast the whole thing (cheap to do also, suction line, 5 gl bucket and couple bags of sand from home depot)...

I'd look around for a posi unit to put in there while its apart, may find one cheap on searchtempest or ebay..

Never had any problems with that while it was under the car but a rebuild is very cheap on those rear ends (until you get into new gears and posi) but even that you can find a deal on..

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