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A few things I thought I would share,
I bought a few other project cars, that are distracting me from tinkering with my Novas. (70 charger,68+70 impala,69 brookwood)
I picked up a 78' 200 Km/h speedo and full guage cluster at a recent swap meet! (pics asap)
Found a 77nova 2dr 6cly for $350. A 77or78 pheniox same price.
Also a 77 Skylark S/R (whats a S/R?) for $250. All in Alberta. (no pics)
There is alot of 4th gen manual cars oval racing in Calgary. I wish they would sell the manual set ups:(
I installed a sport wheel in my 77' Rally. Fixed, cleaned, and painted my taillight housing flat white primer. Thanks to whoever suggested that, because it is much brighter!

3 quick questions
1-What color does the front bumper filler go on my 77 Rally?
2- Will a fat F41 G-body front sway bar fit my Rally?
3- Easy to install Cruise control? (i have a 83'partstruck)

Sorry for rambling without pics...
so here is the 77 rally that started it all back in early 90's
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