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Hi there:
I thought I share my project with you since this has been a fun process for me. First I need to explain few things: I am not very good at organizing and documenting my process, so I am sorry if I jump around, second, this was my first project at this scale and I am very happy I am at the end of it :). Here we go:
I bought this 1972 about 10 years ago. I messed around with the inline 6 for a while but I had issue with the auto tranny, wiring and so on and that gave me the excuse to drop a 5.3 vortec out of a suburban and convert to 5 speed manual. I know the T5 is not the stronger tranny but I can rebuild the T5 myself and also I had a budget for the build. Besides, the 5.3 is stock with no modification and I wanted to have a good handling 4 door with the budget I had in mind. I believe I over killed the suspension but hey, I can always swap a cam and retune the ECU. These are the core of the build:
  • Used 5.3 vortec
  • Rebuild T5
  • Hydraulic clutch from American powertrain
  • Junk yard Hydroboost
  • Tanksinc EFI tank and fule delivery system
  • Front tubular a arms from BMR and Vicking coilovers
  • Total cost involved rear 4 link and all American coilsovers
  • BMW E39 full power front seats
-Dakota Digital Dash
-Vintage air sure fit system
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Moving from CA to WA, 5 years ago.


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