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Hey all,

I am currently working through a second rebuild of my 74 Nova. The paint and everything is over 18 years old so the time to refresh the car has come.

I am removing all body moldings and chrome markers. I am also moving to 69-70 bumpers for the tighter fit and adding 69 Z-28 taillights. Saw them on a show Nova and they add pop.
I am also redoing the fenders, inner fenders, and hood in fiberglass but using the steel fender braces to add support and allow a hinged hood.
Too many times I have seen the flimsy fiberglass fenders and wanted something stronger. Anyway I am posting my progress and notes along the way since I have not found anyone who has done this. SO watch the progress I figured out new tricks on the second one I did, and you can watch my progress. PM or e-mail me with questions if you have any better not to learn the hard way! ReBuild?page=1
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