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mustang ll frt end

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could someone tell me if the Chrysler screw in ball joint will fit the mustang ll sp
spindle......any help would be appreciated......Larry.......these are stock spindles...wanting to know if the taper is the same as mustang ll
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Most aftermarket manufacturers use the Chrysler screw in joint on their tubular Mustang II arms. Some spindles may need a small spacer for the spindle to engage the taper and still have the castle nut engage the threads....
Mopar upper ball joints fit upper and lower stock Mustang II spindles. Spacers are required top and bottom to raise the castle nut a little to make the cotter pin fit properly. They also fit Heidts stock and dropped Mustang II spindles. The new version of TCI Mustang II spindles use the Large lower Mopar ball joint in the bottom and the upper Mopar ball joint in the top. The Mopar upper ball joint does not fit the bottom of the new TCI spindle since the taper does not match.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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