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I'm looking for a little help here, i'll try to explain it best i can lol.

Got a BBC, HEI dizzy, along with a 6AL box, i installed MSD Start and Step Timing Controls 8987 box to retard it with NOS,

This is the way i have the wiring hooked up as told by MSD/Holley.
Since i'm NOT retarding the start side but is set on 0 8 side cylinders.
So from the 6AL box i have the white wire going to the yellow wire of the 8987 box, Pink going to my arming switch, Red to on/off key switch. White from 8987 box NOT used.

I'm using arming switch that says:
LOAD=Would be wired to pink? ( I think )
SUPPLY=Power to the switch?

without motor running flip the switch it lights up and hit the button i hear the solenoids clicking off. Now when i go to fire up the motor it just turns over and don't start, BUT if i unhook the YELLOW wire from the 8987 box that goes to the white wire from 6AL box motor fires right up no problems.

At this point i'm stumped :mad:

I'v gone over and over in the instructions and called summit and jegs and they said wiring sounds right. Seems like i'm missing a step somewhere?

Any help i would appreciate it :)
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