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motor upgrade opinions needed

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I have the oppertunity to go from your basic 350 with with headers, and a few Edelbrock upgrades that seems to be working well so far, to an almost new gear drive setup including a

292 cam,
gear drive-advance,
roller rocker 6 to 1's with scotch locks
belt drive Paxton type super charger blower
Holley 750 carb.

Although I realize this an oppertuinty I would be CRAZY to pass up.
My question is "How is this going to perform long term, if it is used as a daily driver around town?
Do high performance cars do okay if they are only driven hard occasionally. I mean, I definately like to drive fast however I'm in Arizona where there are speed cameras every few miles on the freeways so keeping it down to a dull roar is necessary unless you want to pay a lot of tickets or even have your precious, treasured, automobile taken from you.
I guess I've always been under the impression that higher performance motors NEED to be run hard sometims to help keep gunky build up from
causing them to fail eventually.
I could be mistaken... I admit my in depth knowledge is pretty limited. I Took metal shop in school and was considered odd. I wish I had taken auto shop instead but who knew.
Any opinions on the subject would be appreciated greatly.
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gear drives are fun till the novelty wears off and then it gets annoying. With a belt driven supercharger you can run the compression to a very pump gas friendly 8.5 to 1 and drive the damn thing all over the place and get good gas mileage and make 800hp!!! with the right set up it be a nice drivable fast street car. Its up to you to not let the cameras catch you.

Did they put cameras on Ellsworth by the GM proving grounds? There are lots of roads out there that can be used for "testing" purposes at night...:devil:

P.S. if you go with supercharger I'd rethink the 292 cam. There are better cams for blowers than that one.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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