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Well, I got the car running pretty good, but finely decided to take it on a back road and open it up. The motor revs to about 5000rpm and then starts cutting out like it's not getting enough fuel, but I don't think that can be the problem. I started out with a 750 Vac Sec carb and when the missing happened I thought, that carb just wasn't enough. So I put the 850 Mech. Sec on, and it still does it. I have #80 jets (four corner idle mixture), 2.5 powervalves. #34 squirters front and back.

Now, the msd instruction manual says to put the cylinder select to 4 or 6 clinders for the start up timing retard to work, does this seem right. I think that has something to do with it?:confused::confused:

I suppose I could set it to 8 cyl. after I start the car and see if it goes away.

If you guys have any ideas or have had experienced this please help me.

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