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Probably. This is the across the top trunk trim piece for a 1965 Acadian Canso Sport Deluxe. It's almost
the same as the 1965 Nova SS, except it's indented to accept the Sport Deluxe emblem. A decent SD
emblem is difficult enough to find, but the trim piece with the indentation is almost impossible. Hard to imagine
why the Acadian didn't have the SD emblem on the trunk lid above the trim piece like the Nova SS. Instead,
they designed and made brand new parts for a production run of '65 SDs numbering fewer than a thousand cars.
The '65 Acadian had many more unique and costly 'one year' design elements that must have driven the bean counters
nuts. Total 1965 Acadian production (all models) was just 6198 cars.

This may explain why after 1965, the Acadian had few unique characteristics and started to take on more and more
Chevy II/Nova trim and interior features, becoming almost identical by the end of production in 1971.


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