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I've installed a Heidt's front frame in my '72 and it does not have any provision for the factory parking brake cable mount and S hook. I'm going to use the factory brake and I need two measurements, please.
The one where the cable comes out thru the inboard side of the driver's side frame and where the hole is in the passenger side frame where the long S hook attaches. Maybe you could measure both from the cowl mounting bolt, back.
I hope this makes sense......
My factory frame is long-gone and I don't have any reference.
Thank you in advance!

1970 Nova SS 350 Brandon, MS
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I measured from the rear subframe attach bolts centerline...

LH frame rail park brake cable enters the frame approx 10" forward of rear subframe attach bolt and exits frame approx 6.5" forward of same bolt.

RH frame rail "S" hook attach hole is approx 3" forwrd of rear subframe attach bolt.
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