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Hi all, Im new here and was wondering if anyone can tell me where and what kind of replacement leafs i can buy and what is the size/ ratio, ect ect, i need? I have saggy springs, My Nova is a stock 350/350T- 10 bolt.
I dont really want to drop the back end and will multi-leaf make a differance?
The rear end is going to be pulled and posi and gears installed in the very near future.
On a differant note, I will be installing 2inch drop spindle disks in front soon too, Any prefrence to one kit over another, I was looking at a few differant MFG's, but not sure whos is best for the money, ride and proformance. Thanks for any info. Eric In the Puke green 71
I will be at LB swap meet tomorrow also, Black Jack Daniels T-shirt.
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