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this link is a fairly short read... and delves into temp requirements and viscosity and how to use them properly......

It also lists Zinc content on the oils listed..BUT do not use this as a gage for todays oils.. you will note at the bottom of the page it states it was information based on the current CD/SG API rating.... which is several years out dated.... like 8 years....

but there is lots of good info here... jsut do not look at it as a guide for ZDDP content as it is all very out of date... the rest of the information is extremely valid and pertinent....

As for Synthetics.. this is straight from Crowers web site
Use of Synthetic Oils
Crower does not recommend the use of synthetic motor oils in any racing applications, particularly hydraulic and flat tappet camshafts. The minimum gains in horsepower are offset by the excessive wear to cam and lifter surfaces. If your manual suggests running synthetic oil, then do so. We have found, however, that the benefits do not outweigh the costs.
I thought of adding this to the ZDDP and oils thread but did not want this out dated information to conflict with the sticky and create more PM's than I cared to answer....

Enjoy the reading..

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