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so, its widely known that megasquirt is a great, inexpensive tool for converting to EFI. BUT, a lot of people dont know what it can do on a carbed engine. I was amazed after a found out how many different tools megasquirt could potentially and realistically replace, and at such an inexpensive price tag. most people dont even know half of what it can do. its quite something.

so here are some - keep in mind a laptop is needed to utilize these

§ playback tach $489
plug an rpm signal into ms and you can run it back to your hearts content in
the log viewer. full speed, half speed, 2x speed even 4x speed

§ data logger $249.95 -$500
I was seriously gassing for one of these a while ago and I almost bought it. thankfully I found megasquirt before I did. they do the same thing except that megasquirt does a ton more. i think dataloggers allow one to take the guesswork out of tuning

§ digital programmable igntion control 369.95-$700
another one of those things I really wanted. for a turbocharged application, this is about as trick as it gets because you can change your advance/retard based on boost. megasquirt does the exact same thing

§ programmable fan control $25-180
you can control the fan to your hearts desire. just the click of a button
can also control water injection kits, nitrous etc. anythign that can be relay activated off pressure or rpm, megasquirt can control
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