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Mechanical temp gauge install question

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I have a used mechanical temperature gauge I'd like to install, and I don't have the instructions. It has a long 1/4" covered tube that goes to the sensor that bolts into the engine.

Here's the question: does that tubing come apart any more...or do I have to drill a hole in the firewall big enough (5/8-3/4" maybe) to thread the sender nut through? I'm guessing that it doesn't come apart (without breaking it) and I need the mondo hole.

Kinda like this:

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On my 68 I routed the capillary tube through the speedometer cable hole. Removed the firewall seal around the cable and put a rubber grommet around the speed cable, temp gage capillary and oil pressure line. Pushed the grommet into place, routed the lines and used a little RTV to seal the rest of the opening in the grommet. Not exactly a factory look but didn't look bad.
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