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In a nutshell... the answer is yes. I did a complete front end alignment in my garage a few years ago on my Nova (Caster, Camber, and Toe-in).

My results:
Driver: 5° Positive
Pass: 5.5° Positive (.5 more to help with road crown drift)
Camber: 1/2° negative (both wheels)
Toe in: 1/16" "
My car runs straight with no drifting, the steering wheels stays centered, I have good return of the steering wheel to center position after a turn, and my tire wear has been excellent.

You need to have:
* A level garage floor (or a way to level your car within your garage).
* Some type of turn plates that go under your front tires (with the weight of the vehicle on all of the tires). I made my own turn plates.
* A digital level... or a decent front end alignment tool that can be attached to the face of the front wheel - parallel with the wheel rim.
* A way to measure when your tire/wheel is turned 20° both left and right.

I learned how to perform a DIY front end alignment by reading several articles and post on many car forums... but the one that helped me the most was shown on Team Camaro's car forum site (link to post shown below).
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