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For a refesher (my first time out)...........

1/8 th mile track

First past came out at about 3300 on the clutch and the car went on her face and killed the motor. So much for that run.

took it to the pits reset the timing and went out for round 2.. go broke or go home. Got it on the tree really don't know where it launch she was probably in the 4 grand area. She launched hard but as hard as she launched she came back down stumblin on her face feathered the gas got her rollin again and umm well emotions cause a 3rd gear miss (caugh) <twice> ... lol. Any way this is how the time slip went......

.26 reaction
2.38 60ft

e.t. 9.17
mph 88.789


2nd time out... A few changes done to car this time i put in Jet extentions. I also change my ignition. My old ignition fried its second coil so i decided it was time for a upgrade. put in a msd billet dist and 6AL box.
I made three passes my best was

2.14 60 ft
5.70 330 ft

8.68 ET
87.46 mph

I did not get out of the hole good. I launched under 3 and i granny shifted the 4 speed and shifted way early. The starting line has a slight hill to it. I kept rolling out of the staging beams because i was having trouble with my line lock. This caused me to never get a good hole shot. So, I know the car has alot left in her.

I have a th400 and all the goods to put it in. I am going to go ahead and do this and i am hoping this will cure the driver problems and get in the 8.0's to 7.90's.
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