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May 8th
6:30 - 8:00 PM
The Hat
857 N. Central Ave.
Upland, CA 91786

My in-laws are visiting from NH. Adrianne and I are hoping to give them a fun So Cal Novas welcome to California. This will be their first visit out to see us.

My father in-law is a car guy. He had a nova when Adrianne was growing up. She remembers sitting in the back seat and trying to reach up and touch the headliner :D As you can imagine, there aren't too many novas driving around in NH, so we'd like to give him a treat.

To get a few more of you out to the Hat, I am also hoping to deliver a bunch of the hoodies/t-shirts/long sleeves that night. If you think you're coming and you ordered some merchandise, please respond to this post so that I can bring your stuff.

Here's the list so far:

MANNY 1967

chevyguyal (maybe)
73novaman (maybe)
For those that can't make it, I'm hoping to deliver the majority of the remaining shirts at the John Force get together.

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Bev and I will be there and I believe Bev's sister will be here from Kentucky also.
Hopefully I will have the chrome pieces on the Bird.
All depends on what all i havent gotten done around the house !
I should be able to make it
Lyndon, put me down as a maybe. :yes:/:no:/:turn:

Cool. I hope you guys can make it. :D Sound like we could have a pretty good turnout.
1 - 20 of 96 Posts
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