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so i just found a good deal on an LT1 shortblock but i don't know much about them. It's a roller cam block and since i recently found out that my old block is hosed, i was thinking this might be a easy way to step up to a roller cam. i was going to put a roller set-up in another older block but this seams like it would be a more cost effective way to do the upgrade.??? my question is, what are the main differences and things i would have to take into consideration. i don't really know anything about LT-1 set ups so heres my major questions:

-can i bolt up the heads/intake off my old 350?
-can i use my old HEI distributor?
-will a standard 350 water pump bolt up the same?
-can i use my old high flow mechanical fuel pump/flexplate/balancer/pulleys?
-it'll bolt rigth up to my TH350 trans right?
-same oil pan?
-WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO KNOW? i know these probably sound like stupid questions but i really don't know anything about LT1's and if i can't re-use a great deal of the parts from my old motor, then i don't think it'll be worth it.
thanks for any info you guys can give me.
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