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lowering blocks

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I just ordered some 2" lowering blocks, problem is the centering pin is on the bottom of spring, and needs to be on top of spring to get the lowering effect of the blocks,is there someone out there who has solved this issue i would like to use these blocks and lower my car so if someone has a solution please share it and i would be gratefull,and will i have to give up the saddle effect of my saddle perchs thanks in advance
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You can cut of the centering pin is one option. If you have a inline 6 there is really not enough torque to move it around. I know from experience.

Or you can weld in a piece from caltracs something like the sp spacer kit that goes right where the rubber goes and weld it in there on both sides then put your blocks in and line the blocks in with the centering pin.

What kind of blocks, aluminum or steel?
that pin will knock out....knock it the block on the plate and use the correct torque specs and you will be fine
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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