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Hello forum! My drivers side door lower window regulator channel (the metal U shape that the glass actually sits in) is in pretty bad shape. It is loose from my glass and a bit bent up. I do have an extra channel, just the upper part, that could be welded onto the lower part (slotted area for regulator wheels).

Wondering if anyone knows a source for either the original style rubber channel (I believe this was affixed to the glass somehow, seems like it was crimped on sorta) or possibly some alternate materials that could be used.

My local old-timer glass shop guy has some old, but very durable, cloth-like material. He says it will work but he is running low. He had another old car guy bring him that material years ago and he only has a small swatch left. He thinks it was originally used for older car lower channel but not sure.

Any recommendations would be helpful, thanks!
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